Safe Environment Training

All adults who work or volunteer with children in any capacity at Saint Mary on Broadway are required to complete Safe Environment Training once every three years. You may complete the Diocesan Safe Environment Training in your own home.

In order to qualify, you must read and understand the documents listed below. Click on each link to view the document.

Safe Environment Training – Complete All Three Parts

Once you have read these documents, print out the form at the end of the Sexual Misconduct Extract, the Certificate of Completion, and the Disclaimer Form. Fill out these forms completely according to the directions, and then return them to St. Mary’s:

Diane DiSanto, Ed.D.
Pastoral Associate
Church of Saint Mary
538 Broadway
Providence, RI 02909

Once you have been notified that the entire packet has been received and and accepted, you will be able to volunteer at Saint Mary on Broadway Religious Education.