Reconciliation and First Communion


Contact: Diane DiSanto, Ed.D, Director of Faith Formation
Phone: (401) 274-3434 ext. 176

Grades 1 and 2
First Communion is a two year program that begins in grade 1 and culminates in receiving the sacrament in May of the second year when children are in grade 2.

Requirements:  Provide a copy of the child’s Baptismal Certificate Participate in the Sunday program according to the class calendar

Older Children who have not Made First Communion: Any age or grade
Are your children in a grade other than grade 1 or 2 and not made First Communion? Not a problem.
Register your children. We will organize an individual or small age-appropriate group in order to prepare them for the sacrament. Children who are older than usual learn the necessary concepts much more quickly. Correct instruction will place them on a fast track so they may not require the full two-year traditional program. After they make First Communion, the children will be assigned to their actual grade level for class during the next school year.

Children Attending Catholic Schools:
Most Catholic schools do not prepare children for the sacraments. The reason is that children belong to two communities. The school is their educational community. The parish is their sacramental and worship community. However, since children attending Catholic schools have daily religious education, they are only required to attend our program in the second year of preparation, that is, during grade 2. In this second year, classes are geared specifically to the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion. Additionally, children have the opportunity to meet people, both children and adults, in their parish and begin to feel part of their worship community. They may enjoy this aspect of their life, and we encourage families to participate in other parish activities.