Social Justice

Contact: Mary Bonney

The Social Justice Committee is a relatively new group within the parish.  Volunteers on this committee are responsible for planning the direction of the parish social justice ministry.  The process includes speaking with parishioners and ministry leaders to help discern the needs and concerns of the parish as well as the surrounding community regarding justice issues.  This information will help determine which new initiatives to address.  The committee is responsible for implementing new programs, monitoring the results of those programs, and reporting to the parish on the progress of each initiative.

This committee also manages the monthly Mary, Mother of the Poor special collection. It researches both local and global needs of the most vulnerable among us and chooses the organizations or causes to which this collection money will be donated.  A new effort is being made to direct some of the money to organizations that work to address the root causes of the need for charity, in order to contribute toward truly lasting changes in the world.  This reflects the spirit of the Catholic Social Tradition which is so clearly expressed by Pope Pius XI.

“Charity will never be true charity unless it takes justice into account…Let no one attempt with small gifts of charity to exempt himself from the great duties imposed by justice.”

Pope Pius XI, Divine Redempotoris, #49

Chief areas of  interest among  members of the committee at this time are: hunger, immigration, environmental stewardship, peace and nonviolence.  We also welcome newcomers with their own area of interest.

The Social Justice Committee is in need of additional parishioners who are passionate about following the Christian call to serve those in most need.  If you have a talent for  writing, organizing, note-taking, managing, problem solving, researching, educating, or serving, the Social Justice Committee needs your help.