Contact: Steve Antonelli

“No plan for organized pastoral work at any level must ever fail to take into consideration the pastoral area of the family.”

Familiaris Consortio
On the Role of the Family in the Modern World
Pope John Paul II,1981          

The purpose of the Family Ministry is:

  • To offer support, education, and enrichment to families
  • To promote the development of family life
  • To encourage a genuine spirituality centered in the family
  • To foster a strong presence of the family in our parish
  • To work together as a team
  • To build a community in service to our parish

The Family Ministry is a group whose purpose is to reach out to families and increase opportunities for the involvement of parents with their children in the community.

The parish of St. Mary recognizes that families are a vital part of the community.  It is committed to being a community in which all families feel accepted, welcomed and valued for who they are and the unique gifts they have to offer.

We are excited about the diversity of talents that the families of St. Mary parish have to offer. Being confident that when we come together to share our gifts, the parish will be further strengthened and blessed in many ways.

In the past the Family Ministry sponsored several family events during the school year.  Members of the Family Ministry participate in and support many of the other committees and ministries throughout the parish.